An Easter card

Apr 16, 2017

It’s Easter. There is new life beginning everywhere–in the earth around us and, if we will, in our souls. Both kinds of life, however, must be cultivated.

It is an exercise in “yes,” this slip-slide from winter to spring, from dark to light, from Lent to Resurrection. Yes to today; yes to tomorrow; yes to life again. We all come out of the tomb of winter new and bright with promise. It is “yes” to our life now, however old, however jaded we may be. It is the rediscovery of possibility again.

Easter is here. In the monastery, we fill the chapel with flowers and dance the alleluia down the aisle over and over again and end every community prayer period with alleluia so that it begins to dance in our hearts as well. We sing to Monday mornings, alleluia; to washing dishes, alleluia; to friends and work, alleluia; to dawn and dusk, alleluia; to old things and new, alleluia. We especially sing alleluia to you. Thank you for your friendship and support. Have a blessed Easter season.


Easter Greetings from Joan Chittister

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