Coming in March 2019: NEW BOOK from Joan Chittister

The Time is Now by Joan Chittister

Joan Chittister has been a passionate voice for women’s rights for over 50 years. Called “one of the most well-known and trusted contemporary spiritual authors” by Publishers Weekly, this rabble-rousing force of nature for social justice and fervent proponent of personal faith and spiritual fulfillment draws on the wisdom of prophets–both ancient and modern–to help us confront the societal forces that oppress and silence the sacred voices among us. 

Pairing scriptural insights with stirring narratives of the truth-tellers that came before us, Sister Joan offers a compelling vision for readers to combat complacency and to propel ourselves toward creating a world of justice, freedom, peace, and empowerment.

For the weary, the cranky, and the fearful, Sister Joan’s energizing message invites us to participate in a vision for a world greater than the one we find ourselves in today. This is spirituality in action, this is practical and powerful activism for our times. PRE-ORDER HERE

Don’t ever
be afraid
to be tender.
—Joan Chittister

  • 2018 Readers Retreat with Joan Chittister

    A light moment during the 2018 Readers Retreat. The annual retreat, held in Erie, is limited to 32 participants.

  • 2018 Readers Retreat with Joan Chittister

    Sister Joan listens as participants read selections from her Essential Writings aloud during the retreat.

  • 2018 Readers Retreat with Joan Chittister

    Sister Joan talks with a participant at the 2018 Readers Retreat held at the Sheraton Bayfront Hotel in Erie.

  • 2018 Readers Retreat with Joan Chittister

    Participants in the 2018 Readers Retreat read from Joan Chittister: Essential Writings, this year's selection.

Joan Chittister is an outspoken advocate of justice, peace and equality — especially for women world-wide — and has been one of America’s visionary spiritual voices for more than 30 years.

On this website you can explore what makes her a beloved and best-selling author, a soul-stirring speaker, and a gifted spiritual guide.

Joan Chittister, a Benedictine Sister of Erie, has dedicated her life to voicing questions that test popularly accepted truths of the day. Her questions to both church and society focus on the empowerment of women, the development of contemporary spirituality, a redefinition and renewal of Benedictine life for seekers today, and justice for the oppressed and marginalized, particularly those in prison. Here are four Good Works that reflect her life commitments:

What's New

Sister Joan Chittister
New "From Where I Stand" column

In her most recent NCRonline column, entitled "Trump destabilizes the presidency and the nation's soul," Sister Joan writes, "For the first time in modern American history, the presidency, the great stabilizer of American government, is being destabilized by the president himself."Read the entire post by clicking here.

COP 24 in Katowice
From Krakow

Sister Joan Chittister attended the COP24 United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Katowicze, Poland as part of the Global Peace Initiative of Women delegation, joining other religious leaders who were there to remind of the inner transformation needed to bring about global harmony and world peace. She writes:

“In our group, The Global Peace Initiative of Women, a Buddhist teacher, a Sufi practioner, an American Evangelical, an American Indian, a Hindu swami, a Vedic scholar, and myself, a Catholic nun, addressed interested audiences on spiritual development as the key to human development, the need to understand that we are here to complete the work of creation rather than consume it."

This is an excerpt from Sister Joan's latest NCRonline column entitled, "COP24: It’s not about resources anymore; it’s about moral maturity.” Read it by clicking here.

Millenial Celebration

1,000 years is a long time and to end a year-long millennial celebration of its founding (1018-2018), Buckfast Abbey in England published a book of essays by members of the Benedictine family that reflect on the future of monastic life. Joan Chittister contributed to the book, Monasticism Today, with an essay on the Monasteries of the Heart movement. To read a review of the book that appeared in The Catholic Herald, a London-based weekly newspaper, click here.

Joan Chittister Newsletters

One Minute with Joan Chittister

Jan 21, 2019

A Word from Joan

You see differently
Jan 14, 2019

Scripture is clear: The birth of Jesus, scripture says, was heralded by a burst of light. I am convinced, however, that the coming of Jesus is about more than the simple brilliance of lightning. This signature reference is not meant, I think, to tell us only that Jesus brings light into the world. Light, after all, came with the initial burst of Creation. Light was already here when Jesus was born. No, instead, I think that at this new moment in time, the message is that Jesus brought a new kind of light into the world. The kind of light the world had never seen.

Spirituality Resources

Mary, a Beacon to Light the Way Lent 2019
Mary, a Beacon to Light the Way by Joan Chittister

$3.50 each includes shipping
If you’ve ever gone through a dark time, you know how important it is to have someone by your side. “Lent is a road that cries for a companion to light the way, to hold us up, to prod us on,” writes Joan Chittister. She calls on Mary of Nazareth to be that friend who accompanies us since she herself walked the dark road with Jesus and stayed with Him to the end.

A Little Rule for Beginners: Insights into Benedictine Spirituality
A Little Rule for Beginners: Insights into Benedictine Spirituality

New from Joan Chittister

Since she was 16 years old Joan Chittister has had the Rule of Saint Benedict— known as a "little Rule for beginners" —read aloud to her each day, as is the custom in her community. In this artistic and accessible small book, she distills the wisdom of all that listening, choosing one line from each chapter of the Rule and then commenting briefly on the new understanding or new questions about God that it reveals.

Sacred Journeys Cruise to the Greek Isles and Turkey
Sacred Journeys Cruise to the Greek Isles and Turkey with Joan Chittister

Cruise to the Greek Isles and Turkey with Joan Chittister for 10 days eparting on October 18, 2019. The cruise sails roundtrip from Athens, Greece with visits to Mykonos, Santorini, Patmos, Rhodes and more!  Enhance your journey by adding the Athens & Corinth Post-Tour. Sacred Journeys is the topic for guest speaker Sister Joan Chittister. Enter host Benetvision and ID 56281 on the registration form.

Complete details and registration are at Educational Opportunities Tours.

Benetvision STORE

One of the many ways Benetvision pursues its mission as a research and resource center for contemporary spirituality is through a store where Joan Chittister’s books, newsletters, and recorded teachings are available for sale. When you buy from the Benetvision store, the proceeds help support the work of Sister Joan and her Benedictine community.