Two favorite quotes

Feb 10, 2018

In an interview podcast with Women on Fire, Joan Chittister was asked to comment on two of her quotes. Women on Fire is a subscription organization, but its founder Debbie Phillips generously made the entire interview available to Benetvision readers. Click here.

Debbie: One of the things you have said is, “Fear is not the opposite of courage. Fear is the catalyst of courage:” Is there any time that stands out in your life when you were most fearful and how you got through that?

Sister Joan: There’s been fear all my life. For many of my opportunities, I didn’t plan these things and I didn’t seek them. They just kept finding me, and every single time they found me I said to myself, “I don’t think I can do that. I’m out of place there.” But I did it with a personal vow. The way I dealt with fear was preparation. I’m very committed and very serious about what I’m doing. As much fun as it is for me, it is a moral responsibility. As long as the preparation and the content are honest, I figure it will be blessed.

Debbie: There’s another quote that I wanted to raise. You’ve said, “The ripening process of life brings out the best in us, however trying the test of the seasons.”

Sister Joan: Our culture inclines us to think in terms of achievement, meaning that we will succeed at something. We say to our children, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and not “What do you like to do?” We turn them toward the product. When we begin to think about achievement, you’re thinking about harvest. But there is no harvest in life. There is only the ripening process that takes us from one dimension to another. The ripening process means that there will be different stages. Nothing will stay as it is. If we can see each moment as a step toward another stage of development, we can move into a full and authentic life.

Debbie Phillips is the founder of Women on Fire, a powerfully supportive community that provides inspiration, strategies and support for a woman to live the life she dreams of. You are invited to learn more and become part of this phenomenal community by registering here.

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