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Jesus who loved the Samaritan woman,
outcast proclaimer of your name,
let us love and support all those
who proclaim your name
to the gay and lesbian community.

God of light
and God of mystery,
give us the faith to see you
in the grey dimness
of this time.

I believe in God
who made us all
and whose divinity
infuses all of life
with the sacred.

Dear God, creator of women in your own image,
born of a woman in the midst of a world half women,
carried by women to mission fields around the globe,

Loving God,
lead us beyond ourselves
to care and protect,
to nourish and shape,
to challenge and energize
both the life and the world
You have given us.

Great God, who has told us
“Vengeance is mine,”
save us from ourselves,
save us from the vengeance in our hearts
and the acid in our souls.

Loving God, You who dwell in our hearts, 

make for us a cave there in which to hear your voice more distinctly, 

feel your care more tenderly, 

May your journey
through the questions of life
bring you to a new moment of awareness.
May it be
an enlightening one.
May you find
embedded in the wisdom
of the past,