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The Monastic Way

Imagine this offer:  Personal conversations with Joan Chittister, someone whose writing you've read and wished you could hear from directly. The ongoing possibility to pursue real reflection on today's important spiritual questions. The opportunity, each month, to be led through ideas that stretch your thinking, nourish your spirit, and help you form your own opinions on the issues of the age.

This incredible offer is available to you when you subscribe to The Monastic Way, Joan Chittister’s free online monthly publication with daily reflections. Subscribe now to receive:
—a monthly email with a PDF of The Monastic Way
—invitations to join Sister Joan for free webinars three times a year
—the opportunity to participate in monthly Zoom reflections with seekers like you

Vision and Viewpoint

Join Joan Chittister’s community of seekers and subscribe now to Vision & Viewpoint. Once a week Sister Joan will email you her free newsletter containing a brief but powerful teaching, access to her latest columns, podcasts and webinars, notice of her new book releases, special pricing on publications, and news of her speaking engagements.  Also included are the popular features Soul Points-- short bios of “contemporary saints” whose lives inspire our own, and a specially selected weekly poem to stretch your soul. 


 A prophetic spirituality.  A feminist viewpoint.  A love of beauty.  A community of conscience.  VISION & VIEWPOINT—JOAN CHITTISTER’S FREE WEEKLY E-NEWSLETTER. 


Monasteries of the Heart Practices

Monastery of the Heart Practices is a members-only weekly newsletter from Monasteries of the Heart. It invites members to form a monastic heart by participating in the main elements of the living monastic tradition: prayer, lectio, good work, study and community.

Create your free membership account there.

If you are a member and do not receive this weekly, log in at Monasteries of the Heart and go to your account page. Under the "Newsletter Subscriptions" tab you can check the box to be added to the list.