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Joan Chittister Lecture Series at Mercyhurst University

Joan Chittister and Cokie Roberts at Mercyhurst University
Posted: Apr 26, 2017

"Sister Joan Chittister and political commentator and author Cokie Roberts shared the stage Tuesday evening at Mercyhurst University’s D’Angelo Performing Arts Center for “In Conversation,″ the school’s annual presentation of the Joan D. Chittister Lecture Series. They shared jokes with a capacity crowd of more than 800, talked about events that shaped their lives and delved into thought-provoking discussion on a number of high-profile issues," wrote Ron Leonardi in an article posted in the Erie Times News the day after the event. To read the entire post, see photos and watch a video of Joan and Cokie, click here.

Mercyhurst Hosts Sister Joan and Cokie Roberts in Conversation

Sister Joan Chittister
Posted: Apr 25, 2017

"A capacity crowd of nearly 800 is expected to attend Mercyhurst University’s “In Conversation″ presentation Tuesday night, 4/25," writes Ron Leonardi, reporter for Erie Times News. "Erie Benedictine Sister Joan Chittister and author and political commentator Cokie Roberts have never met personally, but each woman admits to sharing a mutual respect for the other’s career and achievements. 'I’ve followed Cokie’s work for a long time, and she was one of the first A-rank woman political commentators in the country,' said Chittister, an advocate for peace, justice and equality." To read the complete article click here.

Radical Book

Radical Spirit by Joan Chittister
Posted: Apr 20, 2017

An interview with Joan Chittister on her new book, Radical Spirit, is available on the Religious New Service website. It begins this way:

(RNS) Sister Joan Chittister opens her latest book with the story of Abba Zosimas, a fifth-century monk in Palestine.Abba Zosimas taught his followers, “The soul has as many masters as it has passions.” Chittister wants her readers to look “gently, kindly but clearly” at those masters and passions in their lives. For the popular activist and author, freedom from those things comes from living out the 12 degrees of humility found in the Rule of St. Benedict, which guides her life as a Benedictine nun. And they’re just as applicable today as they were 1,500 years ago, as she explains in ”Radical Spirit: 12 Ways to Live a Free and Authentic Life,” which will be published April 25 by Convergent.

To read the entire interview, click here.

Normalization of Insanity

Women's March
Posted: Apr 7, 2017

“Preposterous proposals of legislation are beginning to be treated as normal, to be considered doable, to be thought desirable, to be accepted as moral,” writes Sister Joan in her most recent article published by NCR. Click here to read it in its entirety.

Is Unity Possible?

Posted: Mar 17, 2017

In her latest column published by NCR, "Is There Anything Left In Which We Can Believe?", Sister Joan challenges us with another question: Is unity really possible in the United States at a time of apparently unremitting partisanship? Click here to read the article and ponder her questions and suggestions for action.

Believe It or Not

Joan Chittister wins swimming challenge.
Posted: Feb 27, 2017

You can add one more kudos to Joan Chittister’s resume. From now on she may be introduced as “The woman who swam Lake Erie at the age of 80.” Sister Joan, who began swimming regularly at Erie’s downtown YMCA about 18 months ago, accepted the Y’s challenge to swim the equivalency of Lake Erie—23.75 miles—between January and April 2017. Sister Joan, who swam about 75 minutes a day, finished the challenge in 23 days and was awarded a T-shirt and a feature story on the local news. Click here to view.

BBC Interview

Posted: Jan 17, 2017

An interview with Joan Chittister by BBC journalist Clare Balding for her radio show Good Morning Sunday with Clare Balding was broadcast on January 15, 2017 from London. The 40-minute interview, part of the BBC Religion and Ethics Department, includes discussion on faith development, equality in the church and topics from Sister Joan’s recent books. Click here to listen. (Interview begins at 1:27:00.)

Joan's most recent column in NCR

Posted: Jan 9, 2017

New NCR column from Joan Chittister, "The real electoral problem may lie within us”. Click here to read it.


Two Dogs and a Parrot by Joan Chittister
Posted: Jan 9, 2017

Spirituality & Health Magazine named Two Dogs and a Parrot by Joan Chittister one of its Best Books of 2016, calling it “a favorite guide for walking the seeker’s path.” The six books chosen were listed in the January/February 2017 issue. The review notes: “…(a) deceptively simple set of lessons that our animal companions can teach us about living in this crowded world.”

White House Meeting

Joan Chittister, OSB
Posted: Nov 23, 2016

Joan Chittister is one of a small group of religious leaders invited to Against Hatred, a special interfaith event at the White House on Monday, Nov. 28. The conference will discuss the upsurge of hostility, prejudice and division in the nation and explore ways to deal with these issues and build greater harmony and tolerance as faith leaders. The meeting is convened by the American Jewish Heritage, through its intergroup and interreligious division, The Fund for a Better Tomorrow. It was joined by a personal invitation from Dr. James Forbes Jr, President of the Healing of the Nations Foundation and for many years Senior Minister at Riverside Church, in New York City.