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Following The Path

Following The Path by Joan Chittister

by Joan Chittister

In our modern and mobile society, the range of answers to the questions “What am I supposed to do with my life?” and “How do I know when I’ve found my purpose?” can seem endless and overwhelming.

“Follow your bliss,” wrote Joseph Campbell. And who doesn’t desire that. But how is it possible “to follow your bliss” when there are children to care for and bills to pay and retirement plans to make. In Following the Path, Joan Chittister helps us to follow our deepest call, to find the place where, finally, we know we fit, where we are the fullest of ourselves and a gift to the world. This is a timely and much needed message that many will be happy to hear.

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Chapter 2

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Excerpt Excerpt from Following the Path

Excerpt from back cover of Following the Path

From Joan Chittister Sister Joan on Following the Path

VIDEOS: Sister Joan explores the themes of the book, Following Your Path in four videos.

Impact Joanne Cahill

PODCAST: Benedictine Oblate Joanne Cahill on "How this book impacted me."

Impact Anne McCarthy, OSB

PODCAST: Sister Anne McCarthy on how this book impacted her.

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Review Review by Shane Claiborne

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