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Lent 2021: To Live Anew

Lent 2021 “Lent is a summons to live anew,” writes Joan Chittister. But how do you do that? In six brief but powerful reflections on one of the Sunday readings, Sister Joan offers insight into how “living anew” might look in these extraordinary times of pandemic and political upheaval. She also introduces six companions—one for each week of Lent—to walk with you during these 40 days of spiritual renewal. Each “companion” embodies a special quality for spiritual growth: Thomas Merton brings the gift of contemplation;
Teresa of Avila, the gift of prayer;
Rachel Carson, the gift of awe of creation;
Oscar Romero, the gift of prophecy;
Sojourner Truth, the gift of joy;
Mother Jones, the gift of speaking your truth.

Discussion questions are provided for each week, along with colorful artwork by Marcy Hall, making this 8-page (8X11) publication ideal for either personal or group reflection.

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