Joan Chittister Book Discussion


Chapters Six and Seven

Chapter 6

Sister Joan asks us to answer, “Why were you born?” Write a journal entry welcoming yourself as a newborn into the earth community telling yourself why you were born. You might make a collage or draw something. Share any part of the journal entry that you feel comfortable with.

Chapter 7

Sister Joan gives five descriptions of true happiness:
+Happiness depends on the full development of self
+Happiness should not be confused with pleasure
+Happiness depends on making a genuine contribution to life
+Happiness is being actively engaged in things that serve our overriding purpose
+Happiness is a process of bringing to completeness the gifts we’ve been given
Do you agree with the list? What would you add or subtract?

Please share your reflections here.

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Following The Path
Following The Path by Joan Chittister
by Joan Chittister

In our modern and mobile society, the range of answers to the questions “What am I supposed to do with my life?” and “How do I know when I’ve found my purpose?” can seem endless and overwhelming.