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Chapter 9: Giftedness

Giftedness: Making Music Together

1. The compassion of Benedict is displayed in this chapter when he asks that each person be treated according to his or her needs and that great generosity be shown to another’s weaknesses. Specifically we are asked to hold judgment regarding the needs and failing of others. Does this aspect of Benedictine spirituality have anything to say to families, parishes, city communities? Explain.

2. In this chapter, Sister Joan explains what Benedictine leadership looks like—the entire community elects the leader that it needs to call it to growth; the leader should be chosen for wisdom; the leader should serve the community, not rule it; and the leader must be more intent on mercy than on judgment. What do you think of these criteria? Anything missing? React to these criteria in light of how leaders are chosen for current civic and church positions.

3. Sister Joan writes, “In Benedictine spirituality…we grow to full stature in life in order to carry someone else.” Are there people whom you “carry” or “have carried” in life? Are there people who help “carry” you or “have carried" you over the years. Write a prayer that thanks God for the gifts that enable you to help others and for the people and the gifts God has given you, those who “carry” you.

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